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Important Info about Ongoing Operations and COVID-19 Updates

RCC’s recent operational and policy changes have resulted in temporary modifications to operations and services throughout the college. In terms of the RCC Small Business Development Center, our offices at 214 SW 4th Street in Grants Pass will be closed to all public access as of Friday, March 20th.

We will temporarily be unable to provide physical one-on-one advising sessions. Instead, we will provide to all of our existing clients, as well as new clients seeking assistance, on-line or remote advising services. This will be accomplished utilizing e-mail, phones, and / or video conferencing services.

During the COVID event, the RCC SBDC team has remained focused on providing you with support and valuable information about critical resources available to support your business. We continue to update our information and tips to enable you to successfully complete your SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan and Loan Advance application as well as the Paycheck Protection Program.

As noted before, keep in mind an SBA Disaster Loan may not be the best solution for you or your business. This is why we recommend that you talk to one of our advisors before initiating this process.

The following is a step-by-step overview of the EIDL application process:

  1. Make initial contact with the SBDC (if needed)
  2. Review the RCC SBDC SBA Disaster Loan Process document (provides actual Loan Process Application images - see link below)
  3. Required client information needed for the process:
    1. Business P&L statement for the 12-month period of Feb 01, 2019 - January 31, 2020
    2. Business legal names, Tax ID, Address, etc. (verify on Oregon Sec’y of State site)
    3. Personal legal names, Tax ID(s), Contact info, Address, etc. for each Business Owner
      IF you plan to request the $10,000 Emergency Loan Advance, you will also need to provide direct deposit information for your business bank checking or savings account (Bank name / Routing number and Account number)
  4. Contact the SBDC for review of materials or if any questions arise from reviewing the Loan process document (again if necessary)
  5. Assemble your client information and initiate the online application process –
  6. When you complete your application – A successful completion page will display your application ID number write down and keep your application ID number
  7. Contact the SBDC if you have any further questions

Note: you will not be asked to request or determine a loan amount, that will be determined in the future as part of the actual loan approval process.

RCC SBDC SBA Loan Process

RCC SBDC SBA Disaster Loan Resource Checklist 

Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)

You may also be eligible to apply for PPP loan based on your average monthly payroll expenses. This separate loan program DOES NOT currently have an online application process. It is assumed that these applications will be made directly to local SBA lender banks. We will provide more information once this program’s application process is approved and implemented locally.

Again, we emphasize that there are many funding resources to consider and there are other strategies, resources, programs etc. that you should also evaluate for your business.

For additional information related to COVID-19 virus related economic challenges, please visit the Oregon SBDC Business Resources page

In regards to training, all of our existing live training classes have been temporarily suspended. We will explore in the future the possibility of developing online classes to replace our existing classroom offerings.

We have established a document delivery location on the Redwood campus for clients to drop off physical forms, documents etc. for SBDC office staff or individual advisors. The location is on the RCC Redwood campus, West Entrance at 3345 Redwood Highway, Grants Pass, OR 97527. The actual location is the campus Shipping and Receiving location (link to campus map). There is a mail slot / window where materials can be left. Please advise us BEFORE you intend to leave us materials, so we can pick them up in a timely manner.

In the meantime, please feel free to continue to contact us at our main office number 541-956-7494 or email

We will diligently work to provide you the support you need for your business. We thank you for your consideration and patience during this evolving event.

Ron Goss
RCC SBDC Director
Cell: (541)-761-7475