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NLP - Frequently Asked Questions

The program focuses on key strategic areas of support including:

  • Organizational development to assist executive teams in effectively and productively implementing strategic initiatives
  • Creation of financial management processes that provide management with timely and accurate measures of business performance
  • CEO mentoring on developing customized strategic growth initiatives
  • Assessment of new market development opportunities by analyzing existing sales / marketing capacities
  • Access to primary and secondary market research data
  • Productivity analysis of manufacturing and operational processes

Some of the more frequently asked questions by business owners are:

What exactly is the NLP program?

The NLP program is about providing services and strategic support for traded sector businesses that wish to expand their domestic and global market reach. Every company has their own set of unique challenges that may range from technology and production inefficiencies to organizational structure and workplace culture. The company’s performance metrics and measure of success also vary widely from business to business. Our advisors engage is a process that seeks “First to Understand and Evaluate” by working with ownership, senior management and key employees to complete an overall 360 degree business assessment. The engagement is then custom-designed to successfully develop and implement sustainable plans and processes that achieve leadership goals and objectives.


Are there any basic requirements to participate in NLP?

NLP is focused on taking growing, traded sector companies to the next level.  Our basic requirements for a NLP candidate are:


  • Annual Revenue in excess of $1 million.
  • 5 or more employees
  • Growth in sales, net profit or net employment in 3 of the past 5 years

Businesses that don’t fit this criteria have an opportunity to be well-served with other SBDC programs and services.

Time is a limited resource, why would I spend time with an NLP advisor?

One of the keys to successful change is understanding the importance of “Working on Your Business” versus “Working in Your Business”.  We take a “paced-approach” because we recognize the ongoing challenges of running everyday business.  NLP advisors understand the engagement process must be driven by the client and the needs of the business.  One of the keys to maximizing time management is understanding effective allocation of resources.  We help with this both in terms of guidance and being one of your added value resources.

What is my financial investment to participate?

The overall goal of the Small Business Development Center is to help build Oregon’s Best Businesses.  Through the support of our stakeholders, our main source of funds is provided by the SBA, Business Oregon and our host institution, Rogue Community College.  This has enabled us to develop and provide the services of the NLP program to the Southern Oregon traded-sector industry at “no cost” to our clients.  In doing so, we have been able to make a positive impact on the manufacturing industry while helping companies create jobs and achieve sustainable growth.

What are some of the main services provided by the program?

We have a team of advisors with manufacturing experience and understand what it takes to work on the shop floor as well as the executive office.  We use our depth of experience in manufacturing companies to assist you with your greatest challenges, all customized to your specific needs.  Some of the key services we provide through the NLP program are:
  • Strategic Needs Assessment
  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Sales and Marketing Strategies
  • CEO Mentoring and Networking
  • Financial Analysis and Planning
  • Web Presence Audits and Recommendations

What does a market research report provide?

The Market Research Institute provides customized research reports for established businesses who anticipate growth and have a strategic need for market intelligence. Market intelligence helps businesses better understand the competitive landscape, refine business plans and identify opportunities, which as a result helps businesses make smarter, more informed business decisions.

The Institute’s market research reports encompass a wide range of topics and market analyses to build a customized marketing plan based on the client’s needs and goals. Researchers can locate and compile existing research data from multiple sources, analyze the data and build reports, at no direct cost to the NLP client.

Has NLP been a successful program for other companies?

The NLP program services is all about our clients. While we are very proud of our work, our metrics for success are helping clients grow revenue and profits, retain and create jobs and gain access to capital for continued growth.  We feel fortunate to have the opportunity to work with such great locally based companies that are proving to be industry leaders.  Please see the “featured clients” tab to learn more about their successes.

What if I want to exit the program?

The overall goal of the RCC SBDC is to assist in building Oregon’s Best Business.  This is accomplished through a variety of custom-designed engagements that may last from three months to t three years.  The process is completely driven by the needs of the client.  In a typical engagement, we often find that by working with a company to solve certain immediate issues, this often leads to a “what’s next” question and approach,  thus often leading to a continued mid to long-term engagement.  We are here for you!

What if I am essentially satisfied with my current processes, sales, and profit?

A business owner’s goals and objectives vary significantly from wanting to be a “lifestyle company” to wanting to build a “legacy company” that will stand the test of time and changing consumer preferences.  Our desire is to work with company ownership that seeks to lead their business to sustainable growth and long-term success. It’s a proven fact that when Oregon’s traded sector industry is successful, our local and regional economies experience growth and improved quality of life for our communities.