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Business Training

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The RCC SBDC provides educational training events that cover current and practical information on business topics ranging from the basics to advance business management skills. The depth of our training ensures that business owners and entrepreneurs have access to invaluable insights and support to help them grow or launch a successful business. The training programs are designed to meet the needs of the local business community and are delivered at a reasonable cost.

Business Planning Classes

Smart Start Your Business

You have an idea for a business. What’s the first step? Take the idea that has been forming in your head and see if you can turn it into an actual business. In this three-hour workshop we will take a 360° view of your business concept and discuss the steps to a successful start.

Creating Your Business Plan

Existing and potential business owners will learn about business planning as it relates to their businesses and have time to begin creating or expanding their own plans. Learn about strategies, executive summaries, sales and marketing analysis, and forecasting sales, expenses, and profitability.

Finance & Accounting

Quickbooks Premier 2018 for your Business (Beginning)

Class includes setting up company files, creating a chart of accounts, adding customers, jobs and vendors. Also covers paying for expenses, invoicing, receiving payments, reconciling bank accounts, and running reports.

This class, held over three evenings, is for those using QuickBooks and have specific needs such as payroll, project costing, manufacturing, workman’s comp, tracking inventory, and finding and correcting errors, financial reporting.

Understanding Business Bookkeeping

In order for your business to succeed, you need to understand basic bookkeeping and be able to interpret your entries. In this in-depth class, held over two evenings, you will learn what business income and expenses you need to record and how to do so; as well as how to assess the information to better understand your profitability.

In this six-hour class, you will be able to further your business success by learning how to transfer business income and expense information into a financial statement that will help you use it to make better operational and investment decisions. Consists of two sessions. Class held at the Small Business Development Center.

You will learn the basics of maintaining a payroll and paying the taxes in this class, held over two evenings. Topics include employee set up, information and forms; subcontracting restrictions; payroll periods; required deductions; paying quarterlies; and annual reporting.

Learn the basics of Microsoft Excel in two class sessions and how to use it as a tool to manage your business information. This class will explain the structure of a spreadsheet and introduce you to formulas, functions, navigation, and other features of the powerful tool.

Add to your business toolbox with additional Microsoft Excel functionality. Learn to manage and manipulate data and create various chart types to display your business information at a glance. Bring a thumb drive to save your work. Consists of two sessions. Class held at the Small Business Development Center.

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Requirements and Competitve Strategies

In this three-hour class, you will gain a better understanding of compliance requirements and HR essentials relevant to any size business, and explore competitive HR strategies for your particular business and employee challenges.

Developing You as a Leader

In this three-hour class, you will review leadership styles and competencies, and explore your strengths and where improvement may be needed to be a more effective leader in your particular business and/or job.


Industry Training

Construction Contractor Pre-licensing Training

Required for Construction Contractors Board licensing.

Includes Oregon construction contractor laws and regulations, choosing your business structure, hiring and managing employees, working with subcontractors, contracts, Oregon Lien law, bidding and estimating, scheduling and project management, Oregon building codes, jobsite safety, environmental factors, building exterior shell, financial management and tax basics. A sample practice test will be given during the last class session to help prepare for the actual test.

Marketing Strategies

<NEW!> From Rogue to Global: Export Strategies, Tools and Techniquies

The Export Strategies program will help educate businesses regarding exploring and pursuing exporting opportunities. 

Marketing Strategies: Marketing Your Business 101

This class will help you delve more deeply into properly branding and promoting your business.

Effectively using Facebook in Your Business

Learn how to use Facebook to communicate and interact with your customers.

How to Effectively Use Instagram in Your Business

Learn the ins and outs of Instagram so you can be confident with your content and marketing.

Facebook Ads - the Path to Marketing Success

Learn how Facebook ads work and how to connect with new customers and grow your business.


Small Business Management

Small Business Management

The SBM program is all about business training that teaches both current and proven "Best Practices" for growing revenue, increasing profitability, developing your team and building an adaptable platform for the long-term success of your business.